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  • Art Festival “Focus Europa” (Germany)

    14-19 May, 30 artists out of 10 different countries worked together for the European-days. Art festival ended up with a group exhibition. An event took place in a beautiful Bavaria Region (Germany, Neudrossenfeld). Continue Reading
  • SAARI residence (Finland)

    As I am interested in the Nordic landscape, during the two monts' (March-April) residency period, I intended to examine the Finnish landscape in different places by photographing, drawing and, finally, creating a new series of paintings titled Suomalainen maisema (“Finnish Landscape”). 14 new paintings were created in this residence (artworks named "Saari" in the catalogue) [...] Continue Reading
  • Marianne Von Werefkin Plein Air

    Marianne von Werefkin plein air takes place in the manor of Vyžuonėlė. Artworks have been created for 10 days. The purpose of this event is to save and restore the manor. Marianne was an Expressionist painter, member of "Blue Rider". For more info about Marianne, click here. Continue Reading